80° Extended-Range Flat Spray Nozzle


80° Extended-Range Flat Spray Nozzle features three pressure options that are excellent for contact pesticides

STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Made of stainless steel for superior durability
EASY TO IDENTIFY – VisiFlo® color-coding lets you easily identify the tip you need
VERSATILE – Can be used with systemic pesticides

This TeeJet Extended-Range Flat Spray Nozzle gives you three pressure options that lets you control drop size for customized spraying.
MEDIUM PRESSURES (20-30 psi): Produce medium-sized droplets for good surface coverage and less drift
HIGHER PRESSURES (30-60 psi): Produce smaller droplets for better coverage
LOWER PRESSURES (15-20 psi): Produce larger spray droplets and reduce drift while still providing uniform coverage along the boom

Multiple sizes available.